Final product

A photo of my father sitting on the front porch of Brownsville Road.

Start with the face

Some grey hair (using white, aquamarine blue, and little yellow ochre). Then a bush, using aquamarine and yellow ochre.

The sweater will be red, but since red is a transparent pigment, I painted the sweater in black and white. Black is of course not black, but aquamarine and cassel's earth.

Sketched in the armchair.

The stone in front is greyish, brown, so I used the aquamarine+white and bit of raw sienna.

The central scene is the outdoors and everything will be bright in the middle, so the porch should be dark.

The sweater is made red by painting the dark grey (which had dried) with a dark red (mixed in with red ochre). While I had the red, I did the stripes of the flag.

I made the trees on the left with cadmium yellow and cobalt blue, and the ones on the right with cadmium yellow and aquamarine.

A greenish curtain closes the top of the porch.

Filled in the remaining white spots (books, the glass of whisky (the orange is the dark red and cadmium yellow).

This is the same as the previous but in different light. I will still work on the face more, and darken the porch some more, before I am finished.

Darkened the sides and the bottom.

Added the bright yellow highlights, to finish this here.

Final product.

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