I tried to do it at home. The original painting, in the Orangerie, looked like it was painted black first and the colors laid over the black background.

This was all wrong my teacher said, so I had to apply white over al the dark background. "Red is a transparent color" I learned, so the red of the chair would have to be painted over white.

Started working on the roses. The teacher had taught me how to mix in chalk with the oil paint to make it thicker.

Adding more colors. End of the first session (150 minutes).

My teacher said to make the roses bigger.

Added in the red felt. Boy that was easy!

My friend Jim Casper printed out this copy (above) of the picture I took of the original Manet. Thanks, Jim!

Darkened the right side of the picture, putzed around with the roses, added some foliage, then gave up for the day.

Added roses at the bottom to make it more like a real bouquet lying on a chair, darkened the outside of the paper, the shadows inside the right. I am done.

Final product

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